29 Jan 2021

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh Doesn't Thinks That Farmers Were Involved In Red Fort Incidence

As per reports coming in from Punjab where Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh speaking to ANI has said that this is something of which no Indian can be proud. 

The Red Fort is a symbol of our Independence and democracy. It was a sad day when I saw that (violence) happen.

I don't believe that the farmers were involved in the violence. It is for the investigative authorities to probe into the matter and see who is responsible for it and take appropriate action against those who were involved in the incidence.

I do think that the movement has been discredited. The whole world was supporting the farmers. But the moment the violence at Red Fort happened at the Red Fort was when the movement lost its steam.

Why was the police needed in the first place? They've had twelve meetings. Had I been chairing the meeting, I would have finished it on the first day. What is the reason for it being prolonged for so much time.

I think that the government should continue its contact with the farmers and the farmers must go to the meetings. This must be resolved. It cannot continue like this.

It isn't for me to put the blame on any person or agency. But one thing must be understood, the govt in power must take responsibility and that govt is currently of BJP. 

They must own up to this fact and look into why they couldn't understand the movement's nature.

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