8 Jan 2021

Shahid Co-Star Nude Picture Going On Viral

Vanita Kharat who made her debut from her role in Shahid Kapoor's film 'Kabir Singh' is in the news again. Her role in the movie may have been small but important.  

A picture of her now is in the news right now. She has posted a nude picture of herself and also written an inspirational message.

Vanita is a Marathi actress. She has written herself as Kabir Singh's Pushpa in her Insta Bio. In the film 'Kabir Singh' in which she has became Shahid househelp. One of the scenes with Shahid was quite popular. In this scene, she runs away from Kabir Singh. A lot of mimes were also made on this scene. She has posted her latest picture on January 1. Now it is becoming increasingly viral. People have given her a positive response.

Vanita has covered her nude body with a kite. With this she has written the message, I am proud of my talent, my passion, my confidence, I am proud of my body… because I am… !!! Together Vanita has written that let's join this body positivity movement together.

1 comment:

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