8 Jan 2021

Union Minister Prahlad Joshi Says Govt. Won Bypolls By Villagers And Farm Laws Was on Govt. Manisfesto

as per recent reports coming in from the Union Minister Prahlad Joshi who has stated that this government has come into existence because of the farmers because these farmers have voted in their favour.

According to the Minister this form law has been in the manifesto of the NDA government. And the villages have voted on their manifesto and they have won the bypolls after a passage of these laws.

According to Union Minister pahlaj Joshi villagers had voted us on our manifesto in which we promised to bring these (farm) laws. 

We won 41 out of 51 bypolls after passage of these laws. We're ready to discuss if farmers have any issue but it's not good to say that laws must be repealed.

According to the Union Minister Prahlad Joshi the government is any means ready for every discussion with the farmers but to change the law is not good thing.  but to solve the issue in a discussion with the farmers will be on a positive side.

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