27 Jan 2021

who is deep sidhu: which name is come in a delhi voilence.

in a face of farmer protest some anti elements are entered in red fort where they plant there flag.every one is surprised on the 26 january violence. now farmer leader are blaming punjabi actor deep sidhu for this incident. a photo releated to deep sidhu goes viral in which photo deep sidhu share picture frame with prime minister narendra modi and sunny deol. by this photo the allegation to raise the government that government is casuse of this incident. and this incident is planned by the government to stop the former protest and to prove the farmer accuse of this incident. < but on this issue sunny deol gives his statement that his no relation with deep sidhu.and he reease his post on tuesday where he post note on that he write " today what is happend in red fort after looking that mind is so upset. and i cleared early that me and my family have no relation with deep sidhu jai hind.
who is deep sidhu and why he is in news. deep sidhu is a punjabi actor and a social media activitist. deep is started his carreier with punjabi movie ramta jogi. deep is a law graduate. and he was support sunny deol in 2019 General assembly election. sunny deol won the election from gurdaspur seat. and deep sidhu says in his favour that his team is not put up religious flag in red fort.and we are not remove the national flag from the red fort. but yes we put up nissan sahib as a symbol of sahib is a sikn religion symbol which is put up in every gurudwara.

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