19 Jan 2021

Who Will Win Battle Of Bengal According To Opinion Poll

 In 2011, Mamata Banerjee's party Trinamool Congress has created political history that BJP too could not ignore. In 2011, Mamta uprooted the Left, which had been ruling Bengal for 34 years. 

Afterr which the power of Bengal is in Mamta's hands. Mamta Banerjee has became the Chief Minister of Bengal twice in a row. But in the assembly elections due in 2021, BJP has spoiled Mamta's game. The BJP has started its efforts to penetrate Mamta's fort.

 Will Mamata be able to save her house.  Will BJP be able to demolish Mamta's fort who has been ruling for 10 years or will it come to an end. Opinion poll is out now. 

According to opinion poll, Mamta is seen imposing hat-trick in Bengal. While the BJP is seen strengthening its hold in Bengal. No matter how much the BJP put pressure but in Bengal it is going to be the crowning of Mamata Banerjee.

 According to the survey by ABP News-C voter, Mamta Banerjee is returning once again in the state. Although the dates for the elections have not been announced yet, there is still a long time to go for the elections. 

In this case, the equation can change. But if we believe in the opinion polls then Mamta is again returning to power.

Seats ratio in West Bengal

 Total Assembly Seats - 294 Seats
 TMC - 154 to 162 seats vote percent 43 percent
 BJP - 98 to 106 seats vote percentage 37.5 percent
 Congress - 26 to 34 seats vote percentage 12 percent
 Other - 6 seats

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