14 Feb 2021

14 killed, 4 injured in Bus-truck collision in Andhra's pradesh kurnool district

 on a Pilgrimage tour 14 people killed and 4 were injured in Bus-truck collision in kurnool district. 2 children among 4 survivors are in very serious condition. based on there personal ID card and there phone numbers police is collecting there details.

The accident took place near the veldurti mandal of the states kurnool district. The Bus carrying 18 people, on high speed hit the road divider and fell over the divider and collision with the truck which is coming from the opposite direction, on the other side of road.

There were 18 people in the vehicle at the time of accident. The police said that a group of pilgrim from madanpalle region in   chitoor district  were going to Ajmer rajasthan.

The accident took place around 4 am to veldurti mandal, near madapuram, about 25 km to kurnool district. the people were crushed inside the vehicle and the bodies had to be extricated by using machinery.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his grief at the incident his office tweeted: 'The road accident in Andhra pradesh kurnool district is saddening, in this hour of sadness my thoughts with those who lost there love ones. i hope the injured recover at the earliest.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan mohan reddy expressed shock over the incident and instructed the official to expedite relief work and medical help, and express there condolences to the family members those who have died. He also wishes the speedy recovery of injured.

Police are investigating if the driver was sleepy or if there was a tyre burst and the vehicle went out of control.

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