7 Feb 2021

Abhishek Bacchan will come into politics

 after a 20 year of struggle in bollywood abhishek baccahan has faces many up and downs in his life after being a son of mega star amitabh bacchan.but now abhishek bacchan after a lot of failure in bollywood he learn a lot by  his previous failure and now he will once again come back with his another movie as a role of chief minister.

he will play a role of corrupt chief minister who is only 10th class pass. and he is very corrupt in the movie. the main aim of the movie is prove the importacnce of education. this movie will prove the importace of education in a human life. we seen abhishek baccahan in various movies but now it will interesting to see how he will look in this movie. and how he will play the role of illitarate currupt chief minister. and in this movie how he will justify his role and how he will perform in this movie it will intresting to see.

this movie will be directed by tushar jalota and this movie will moving around the political point where a entertainment will be serve. in this movie abhishek will play the role of 10th fail chief the film there will be given on message on importance of education. and there is also give the message of that the why leaders should be littrate. the film will shoot near agra and delhi. in this movie the lead actress will be yami goutam. by the film "DASVI" abhishek will come back in a block buster mode.

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