15 Feb 2021

Inflation rose again, Hike in prices of LPG, petrol and diesel

The people of the country are constantly being hit by inflation. Now the price of LPG gas cylinder has increased by 50 rupees in Delhi, the capital of the country. After this, Delhi will have to pay Rs 769 for a 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinder. At the same time, the price of petrol and diesel are constantly increasing. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taunted the Modi government by tweeting the increased prices of LPG and petrol and diesel. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted on his Twitter account on Monday. Rahul Gandhi has written that loot from public, only for development of 'two'. 

Also, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has shared a screenshot of the news of a website. On which it is written, the price of LPG gas increased twice within 10 days, so far a jump of 75 rupees. nothing will be done by shedding crocodile tears, according to information received from such reports on Rahul's 'abuses', the price of LPG cylinder is Rs 50 and petrol and diesel price There has been an increase of 26 paisa per liter. After the increase of Rs 50, the price of non-subsidized 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder has increased to Rs 769.

Earlier it was priced at Rs 719. At the same time, the price of petrol in Delhi has reached close to Rs 89 per liter. Explain the reason for the rise in prices of petrol diesel, that after the corona virus epidemic, The world is now seeing an improvement in economic conditions, due to which demand has also improved and demand for fuel has increased. In the global market, Brent crude rose $1.29 a barrel to $ 62.43 a barrel. On the other hand, petrol and diesel prices are also expected to increase due to no relief in duty from the central government and state governments. If this continues, petrol prices will not take time to cross Rs 100 per liter. 


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