1 Feb 2021

Budget 2021 LIVE: PM aatmanirbhar swasthya bharat yogana will start with 64180 crore rupees.

 Finance minister Nirmala sitaraman present the Budget at the parliament. starting the budget nirmala says that this budget first part is health and wellbeing . we want to focus on safety, treatment and well being. PM aatmanirbhar swasthya bharat yogana will start with the budget of 64,180 crore rupees. 70 thousand village wellness centre will advantage by this. critical care hospital will be open on 602 district. national centre for desease control will be strengthen by this. and will start intigrated health information portal for to connect public health labs. 15 health emergency operation centres will be open. 9 bio safety level labs will be open.

finance minister says "I am presenting 2021-22 budget. after the end of lockdown PM announce garib kalyan policy,which gives 80 crore people free grains. 8 crore people get free LPG cylinder. I thank these people ,who are work for to reach basic  services to the people. after that we more two bring aatmanirbhar pakage. we give the 27.18 lakh crore releaf package which is equal to the 13% of the GDP.

we bring one nation, one ration card,incentive scemes for the nation. now india has two vacines . more than 100 nation looking towards us. two more vaccine are ready to launch. we thankful to the scientist.and we will continue our fight with corona in also 2021.

mention the team india victory 

FM says india is now a nation of hope. ravindranath tagore says hope is a that word which shine in india had perform well in australia. this victory remember us that what level of quality we have. now data shows in india death ratio is less by corona virus. now data says india has a less death rate due to corona. these all things will change the face of economy. this time negative data is present because of this pandemic.

FM read the speach on the made in india tab, because this time budget is paperless.and congress some MP are reach in the parliament and carry black dress in a protest of farm law.

from this budget common man and business world both have a lot of expectation. cause of expectation is high because she say in 18 december  that this type of budget will not present ever in the 100 years of history. many hints are given on the economic survey on 29 january.

Chief economic adviser krishnamurthy subramanium says that the time has come now government has to increase there expenditure and lose the tax burden from the common man.but now private companies are not ready to increase there expenditure. but for the expenditure government have a lack of money. and thats why tax releafe chances are very less.

government will increase there revenue to impose corona sess on super rich 

oxman assume that if indias 954 rich famile to impose 4% tax so the india get 1% of GDP which is equal to 2 lack crore rupees. this type of sess and surcharge tax will benefit central government and state will not get any divident by this.

health care expenditure will be 2times because of corona

posibility of increase in healthcare expenditure. 25-30 thousand crore rupees will be spend on corona vaccine.heath budget was 67,484 crore rupees in previous year. and it will be increase 2 times. In national health policy 2017 central government has spend 2.5-3% target, but in 2019-20 it is reach only on 1.5%. according to world health statics, india has a rank of 179 among 189 country. 

farming loan target will be 19 lakh crore rupees

PM kisan yogana,gives to farmers 6000 rupees . and it will be increse with more 2000 rupees. for the farm loan try to set new target of 19 lakh crore rupees. it was 15 lakh crore for the last year. 

discount for the house loan

to raise the demand in economy incentives to house loan. and if not then government will extend the time duration for more one year which was 1.5 lakh crore additional discount.

Student will get free smartphone and tablet

because of corona in india online study is on high demand. according to survey, 36.5% rural student have smart phone and laptop two years ago and now its reaches to 61.8%. to extend this government will give smartphone and tablet to student for free.

in budget 2021 what railway get

eastern and western dedicated front corridor will be ready till  june 2022.

somnagar-gomo section will be develope in ppp model. 

gomo donakuni section will be develope in ppp mode. 

in khargpur-vijaywada, Bhusawal-khargpur, itarsi-vijaywada there will develope future ready corridore.

till december 2020, 100 broadgauge will be electified.

we will start vista dome coach for the passengers better experience. 

high density network , high utilize network will be start on train protection system.

1.10 lakh crore will ge give to railways.

mp finance minister jagdeesh Devda says budget is in favour of indian people

and praise for increse in health facitlty in the budget. and says that the budget is totally favourable for the common man. This budget will relax the common man. and hope that central government will increase the tax  part on madhya pradesh.

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