9 Feb 2021

China Told America to 'Fix Mistake of trump Aggressive policies

China has asked the Biden administration to correct the 'mistakes' of former President Donald Trump's aggressive policies towards Beijing from the US.

Beijing: China in its first contact with the Biden administration on Saturday asked the US to correct the 'mistakes' of former President Donald Trump's aggressive policies towards Beijing. At the same time, China said that Taiwan is the most important and sensitive issue in its relations with the US. During his tenure, Trump had aggressively moved on all issues of US-China relations. These include trade wars, challenging China's claim over the disputed South China Sea, its continued threats to Taiwan, detaining Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang, calling the Corona virus a 'Chinese virus'.

Phone conversation between Blinken and Yang

US newly appointed Foreign Minister Antoine Blinken and senior Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi during a phone conversation on Saturday discussed issues that would shape relations between the world's 2 top economies over the next 4 years. Blinken told Yang that the Biden administration would hold China responsible for the misuse of the international system. He raised the issue of human rights violations with Yang in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong and Myanmar. The Chinese diplomat said that the two sides should respect each other's basic interests and alternatives to the political system.

'America must rectify mistakes'

Yang, a member of the Politburo of the ruling Communist Party of China and director of the CPC's Office of Foreign Affairs Commission, made clear reference to the stricter policies adopted by the Trump administration towards China that the US should 'rectify the mistakes made at the time He said that the US should work on advancing relations with China without any conflict and conflict with a sense of mutual respect and cooperation. The official news agency Xinhua quoted Yang as saying that Taiwan is a very important and sensitive issue in Sino-US relations. 

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