27 Feb 2021

Congress Leader In Jammu Says What We Are Today Has A Long Distance To Reach

Reports have been coming in from Jammu Congress leader Anand Sharma at 'Shanti Sammelan' in Jammu has said that all of us have covered a very long distance to reach where we are today. 

Nobody among us has come through the window, all of us have walked through the door. We have come through the students movement, the youth movement.

I have not given anyone the right to tell me if we are people of Congress or not, nobody has that right. We will build the party, we will strengthen it. 

We believe in the strength and unity of Congress as per Anand Sharma at 'Shanti Sammelan' in Jammu.

There has never come such an occasion after 1950 when there is no representative of Jammu and Kashmir in the Rajya Sabha. 

This will be corrected: Congress leader Anand Sharma at 'Shanti Sammelan' in Jammu.

Congress has weakened in the last decade. Our voice is for the betterment of the party. It should be strengthened everywhere once again. 

New generation should connect (to party). We've seen good days of Congress. We don't want to see it weakening as we become older.

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