9 Feb 2021

Congress will start a new mission, Rahul Gandhi announced

National Desk: Former Congress party president Rahul Gandhi has now appealed people to join the social media warrior team of Congress. Rahul Gandhi recently shared a video from his official Twitter account asking people to join this Warriors team of the party. A toll-free number has also been issued by the party to join this social media warriors team.

Let me tell you that, regarding this social media warriors team, Rahul Gandhi said that this team is of warriors fighting for justice. This is not an army of hate. This is not an army of violence. This is the army of truth. It is an army that will defend the idea of ​​India. Rahul has said that, the more people join this mission of the party, the more the benefit will be for the nation.

In fact, the Congress launched the joint Congress Shoshan Media Campaign to add 5 lakh social media 'warriors'. This campaign will be run for a month in the whole country. Those who enroll in it will be given responsibility at the district, state and national levels. Interviews will be held after one month and selected people will be given training. During the campaign launch, toll free number, website, WhatsApp number was released. It was told that there will be a press conference on this in all the states from tomorrow. 

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