3 Feb 2021

Daily exercise can spoil your health, take a break for one day in a week


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Whether you want to lose weight or keep away from type-2 diabetes and heart disease, experts recommend taking time for exercise as well as focusing on diet. However, according to the American fitness firm 'LIT Method', sweating in the gym every day can reduce the benefits and increase the losses. Researchers have advised to take a break from exercise at least once a week after studying on two thousand people.

Tissues will get repair time

According to chief researcher Taylor Norris, there is a lot of pressure on bones and muscles during exercise. There is a risk of rupture and cracking of tissues. However, if the person takes a day break in a week, then the tissues get rest, as well as the body is able to take time to repair them. Norris also said that if the body does not have a chance to exercise at a high speed every day and the body does not have the opportunity to repair tissues, a complaint of caries in bones and muscles may develop. This makes the person more susceptible to fracture.

Fears of muscle injury will decrease

During the study, it was observed that there is a possibility of getting tired of the body badly if the exercise routine does not include a break. This causes the person to not only struggle with the problem of muscle strain and joint pain, but also feels lethargic on an emotional level. On reaching that level, it may also be necessary to make a long distance from exercise. Norris claimed that even big players consider it necessary to make the break a part of their exercise and practice routine. With this, they are motivated to pay more attention to the game with their whole body.

Mind also needs rest

While exercising, the secretion of the stress hormone 'cortisol' increases in the body. This sends a message to the brain that the body is going through difficult situations. He starts saving glucose for future use. As a result, the conversion of fat and carbohydrates into energy slows down.

Will help raise new energy

According to the researchers, the break from exercise is also effective in increasing muscle density. This motivates the body to exercise with new energy. He advised to have a good sleep and watch favorite movies on break day, so that the feel good hormones would be released and speed up the pace of repair.

Exercise doesn't hurt

The study also found that the brake does not allow the expression of boredom to flourish. However, this creates more interest in the person towards exercise. He is able to feel how positive changes are taking place in his body and mind due to exercise. How beneficial it is to keep it intact.

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