4 Feb 2021

Decrease the rights of delhi government: and raise the power of LG silently by central government

 Deputy chief minister  of delhi manish sisodia accuses the central government is decresing the power the delhi government and silently incresing the power of LG who report to central government for any issue. Manish sisodia mention the constitution and says that beside police, land and public order delhi assembly and delhi government have a right to make law for delhi. 

But after passing the GNCTD act central government  snatch the power from  CM and minsiter of delhi government and giving more power to LG who report central government on any issue. and manish sisodia said that after passing the GNCTD act central government intension is very clear to stop the delhi government work. and after passing this Act LG will powerful than delhi government.

sisodia said this all happend in wednesday very secretely when central government cabinet passes this Act. sisodia said this is against the democracy and also against the constitution.

Delhi chief minister mention the constitution where clearly it is written that beside land, police and public order delhi government have a right to take all the decision on the delhi assembly issue.

for the right in delhi there is always clash between central government and delhi government. and this issue reaches to the supreme court. and now when central government changes the GNCTD act it will defanately create big mess between central and state government again. and one thing to be considered that delhi government always raise the demand of full state for delhi.

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