18 Feb 2021

famous ullu actress kavita Radheshyam fiercy on internet

Kavita Radheyshyam well known as Kim Kardashia of india and she is famous for her hot looks among the youngsters. Kavita Radheshyam was born in 31 december 1985 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  Kavita Radheshyam started her carrier with vikram Bhatt thriller TV series "Who done it Uijhan". Kavita radheyshyam first get attention on semi nude photoshoot for animal cruelty in india. Other semi nude photo of Radheyshyam later appeared in internet which  kavita radheshyam clarify a fake photo  and for this photo a police complaint was filed against her.

 Kavita Radheshyam also get offer for wild card entry in  sixth season of reality show big boss but she rejected it . She primarily work in kannad, tamil and hindi films. Kavita Radheshyam start her debut with noted director faisal saif's feature film "Paanch ghante mein Paanch crore" That got listed under the top 10 bold film category short movies in 2012 of the times of india.

Radheshyam primary collabrated in film directed by faisal saif's Paanch ghante mein paanch crore, main hoon rajnikanth, amma and under production Shraap-3D. In 2014, the film released main hoon Rajnikanth after this the superstar Rajnikanth was not happy with the film and filed a petition on Madras high court against the film and the however the film got released with changed  name  main hoon (part-time) killer.

 in 2016 kavita again in controversy when she give remark on LGBTQ community after 49 people were killed in Gay night club in ornaldo. But kavita Radheshyam get real name and fame with the ULLU app web series kavita bhabhi. and by this web series she became  famoused among the youngsters.

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