27 Feb 2021

First military action after Biden became president, US airstrikes on Syria

America has launched an aerial attack on Syria. This is the first military action taken under President Joe Biden's rule. According to the Pentagon, in the last two weeks, Iranian militias attacked American security forces, in return for this attack by the US.

According to local media reports, a US official said that several Iranian militias have been killed in the attack. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reported that those who were attacked were the same people who attacked American forces. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the attack was carried out at the behest of President Biden. He also said that several facilities at the border control point were destroyed which are used by Iran-backed militia groups.

It consists of Qatayb Hezbollah and Qaitib Saeed Al Suhada. The campaign carries a clear message that President Biden will work to protect American coalition troops. During the press conference Austin said that we were confident in our goals and also knew that we would succeed. we know what we have done.We encouraged the people of Iraq to give us intelligence and also succeeded in this plan. It helped us reach our goal. The Pentagon reported that Biden authorized the attack after consulting with allies.

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