21 Feb 2021

In coal trafficing case TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee get summon By CBI

 Central agencies are starting there investigation in different cases like animal smugling, coal smugling and chit fund case when assembly election will come in next coming month. In coal smugling case CBI reached at south kolkata at the house of TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee. According to sources the nephew of west bengal CM mamta Banerjee gets the summon from CBI.

 A team of CBI on sunday reached the house of abhishek banerjee with the summon. According to CBI notice, CBI calls abhishek for inquiry in the case within  24 hours. According to sources CBI calls  Rugira Banerjee for the inquiry. According to sources CBI had also inquired the IPS officer tathagat Basu on this coal trafficking case.

and on this issue TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee alleges that the BJP want double engine government in Bengal. BJP is imposing false allegation against us because they are not in the government. they want to grab the Bengal public property. and for this they are doing all these thing. He gives the new slogan of trinmul's "Bangla nijare mayekei chaye"(Bengal want's its daughter) and by this slogan he present mamta as a daughter of Bengal. After giving this slogan he says we will not bent down in front of central government. and the bengal people definitely show there trust in there Bengal's daughter.

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