25 Feb 2021

India Has Always Witnessed Cross Border And Terrorist Activities: Indian Representative At UN

Latest reports have been coming in from Unites Nations where Deputy Permanent Representative to UN, K Nagaraj Naidu at UNSC meeting on ‘Upholding the collective security system of the UN Charter has said that some states are resorting to proxy war by supporting non-state actors such as terrorist groups to evade international censure.

According to him India for decades has been subject to such proxy cross-border and relentless state-supported terrorist attacks from our neighbourhood.

The Deputy Permanent Representative to UN, K Nagaraj Naidu was speaking at a UNSC meeting 

Whether it was 1993 Mumbai bombings, or random and indiscriminate firings of 26/11 which witnessed launch of phenomenon of lone-wolves or attacks in Pathankot and Pulwama.

From the starting world has been witnessing to fact that India has repeatedly been targeted by such non-state actors according to K Nagaraj Naidu.

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