3 Feb 2021

Ministry Of Finance Releases Rs 6000 Crores As Relief For GST

Latest reports have been coming in from Ministry of Finance which had released around Rs 6000/- Crores to the state to meet the states expenses of GST.

As per reports coming in out of this an amount of Rs. 5,516.60 crore has been released to 23 States.

And the left amount of Rs. 483.40 crore has been released to 3 Union Territories (UT) with Legislative Assembly (Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir & Puducherry) who are members of the GST Council as per Ministry of Finance.

Ministry of Finance and Department of Expenditure has released the 14th weekly installment of Rs. 6,000 crore to the States today to meet the GST compensation shortfall as reported by the Ministry of Finance.

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