10 Feb 2021

Nepal political crisis: Prachand ask support from india and china against PM Oli

 political crisis in nepal is raising day by day. Nepal communist party one head on the leadership  pusp kamal dahl  "prachand" starting protest against KP Sharma oli and said that the step of K.P. sharma oli to  breach the parliament is a totally "unconsitutional and undemocratic". and against this step  we want support from india ,china and international community for this undemocratic move.

Oli decision is totally "unconsitutional and undemocratic"

Prachand has opposed to breach the 275 member of parliament. and prachand is a sub president of the ruling party. Prachand talk with international media in kathmandu and said "if we want to strong the union structure of the democracy we release the house of representative and put peace process to the conclusion level. on wednesday before he addressing the protest rally in kathmandu he said that " I believe that the supreme court will never give its acceptence to this unconsitutional and undemocratic decision.

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