17 Feb 2021

PM Modi said - The world is looking towards india with new hope and confidence

Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi today addressed NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum During this, PM Modi said that now is a time when the world is looking towards India with new hope and confidence. It is said in our vedas - "na Dainyam na Palaayanam.

 That is, whatever the challenge, we should not consider ourselves weak and should not run away from the challenge. During Corona, India's knowledge, science has not only proved itself, but has developed itself.

 Therefore, the government is trying to get the Tech Industry out of the shackles with unnecessary regulations. The government has full faith in the citizens of the country, on startups, on innovators. Nothing will happen with the shedding of crocodile tears, self-certification is being encouraged with the same attack on Rahul's abuses'.

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