8 Feb 2021

PM Reitertes In Rajya Sabha 'MSP Tha, MSP Hai Aur MSP Rahega.'

Manmohan ji is here, I'd read out his quote. Those taking a U-Turn (farm laws) will perhaps agree with him. "There are other rigidities because of marketing regime set up in 1930s which prevent our farmers from selling their produce where they get highest rate of return...": PM.

It is our intention to remove all those handicaps which come in the way of India realising its vast potential at one large common market.": PM Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha

PM Modi further adds Sharad Pawar ji, and those from Congress, everyone all governments have stood for agricultural reforms. 

Whether they were able to do it or not, but everyone has advocated that it should be done PM Narendra Modi while speaking in Rajya Sabha.

PM reitertes in Rajya Sabha 'MSP tha, MSP hai aur MSP rahega.'

He is replying in the House to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address. 

We mustn't forget what happened with Punjab. It suffered the most during partition. It cried the most during 1984 riots. 

They became victims of most painful incidents. Innocents were killed in J&K. Business of weapons was carried out in northeast. All this affected the nation.

The nation is making progress and we are talking about FDI but I see that a new FDI has come to the fore. We have to protect the nation from this new FDI. 

We need Foreign Direct Investment but the new FDI is 'Foreign Destructive Ideology', we have to protect ourselves from it as per PM in Rajya Sabha.

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