19 Feb 2021

Rahul Gandhi among pallbearers for the congress veteran Rakesh sharma

Satish Sharma was a loylist of gandhi family and the rahul gandhi mentor in his early days  politics when he entered into the politics.

The Congress has tribute to Captain Satish  Sharma and veteran leader of congress and the union minister in UPA government, his funereal has held at delhi on today.

On the Demise of Satish Sharma, Rahul Gandhi tweeted that " I am very sad to hear the demise of Captain Satish Sharma. My love and condolense with his family and friends. we will miss him".

we inform you that the Captain Satish Sharma was a plain pilot. after his frendship with Rajiv gandhi he joined the politics and captain satish sharma was petroleum and natural gas minister in narsimha roa government from 1993 to 1996. and he was member of parliament from 2010 to 2016 from utter pradesh.

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