28 Feb 2021

Rahul Gandhi said i am not currupt thats why i can sleep in just 30 seconds


Rahul Gandhi in these days are in visit of tamil nadu regarding to Assembly poll election in the state. He regularly attacking on PM Modi and called him currupt. and rahul also said that the honesty makes him strong man.

Congress leader rahul gandhi in these days in are in diffrent mood. and he regularly attacking on PM Modi. and said when he go for the sleep at night he sleep in just 30 second. because he is not currupt and he have no fear of PM Modi. He said not to be currupt makes him brave and give him dare to said to speak. He is not currupt that's why PM Modi and all BJP leaders regularly  targeting him. Rahul gandhi regularly attacking on central government and he target to central government in various policy. and said that honesty makes him a strong person.

He also attacking on E. Pallanaswami and called him currupt and said tamilnadu people deserves much better leadership. he also said tamilnadu CM couldn't sleep at night because he is currupt.

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