17 Feb 2021

Shital Nath Temple Opens For Public After 31 Years In Kashmir

Latest reports have been coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where temple which has been closed for about 31 years reopened on the occasion of Basant panchmi yesterday.

As per reports coming in Shital Nath temple in Habba Kadal area of Srinagar reopened after 31 years on the occasion of Basant Panchami yesterday.

According to locals the temple was closed due to militancy and outmigration of Hindus. Now with the returns of Hindus to the area the local Hindu devotees decided to offer puja here.

As per the devotees of the area opening of this temple is a big step of sovereignty and peace in the valley.

One of the local devotee said that the local Muslims also helped us organise this puja here today. 

They brought puja items and helped us clean the temple as per one of the organisers of the puja at Shital Nath temple in Srinagar. 

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