1 Feb 2021

what costly and what cheap: gold silver will cheap, mobile phone will expensive

in last 4 years government increse 10% import duty on mobile phone related product. it raise the production 3 times.
currently now 90% products come in GST slab, 

budget is disclosed now, like all time this time also some things are costly and other are expensive. basiclly 3 years ago GST snaches the power of increse on product value. now 90% of things value in finalized by the GST. But the things which are imported by the foreign there is a effect of import duty. and this will announce on budget.
Thats why patrol, deseal, LPG, CNG and imported product like- wine, footwear, gold-silver, electronic products, mobile, chemical, cars, tobacoo etc things price is affected by the budget announce. and government increse the import duty on these things. and in this budget FM did this things.

By this budget which things are expensive and which things are cheap
finance minister increase import duty on auto parts from 7.5% to 15%, and by this decision vehicle will be expensive. and solar invertar will be expensive, because import duty increse by phone and charger , headphone import duty will increse by 2.5%. import duty in gold and silver is decresed by 7.5%. import duty decrese on tamba, and some lather has side from custom this step lather products will be cheap.

Accessories of mobiles import duty increse by 2.5%.
mobile charger, headphone, will be expensive. because government is incresed the import duty by 2.5% on mobile  product which are come from foreign. from past 4 years government incresed import duty in these products by 10%.

in india every year 35 crore mobile phone are manufactured

according to india sellular and electonics association india have of 268 units of mobile phone production. in india every year 35 crore mobile phone are manufactured. and it gives 6.7 L job to the people. till 2017 india import 7.57 crore mobile phone from foreign. and it decreses to 2.69 crore by the year of 2019. it shows that to increase import duty on mobile phone increase the production of mobile phone in india.

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