26 Mar 2021

Farmers announced 12 hours 'Bharat Band' today


The agitation of farmers' organizations continues in the country's capital Delhi against the three agricultural laws brought by the Modi government. Today, a 12-hour 'Bharat Band' has been announced from 6 am to 6 pm. However, the farmers said that no one will be forced into 'Bharat Band'. On the farmers' declaration, Bharat Band has been called in the entire country, but five states of the country in which assembly elections are to be held will not be included in Bharat Band.

The demonstration of farmers continues on the borders of Punjab and Himachal about this movement. Due to which the boundaries of both states have been blocked. People are having problems coming. 

At the same time, the farmers also affected rail services in Ambala-Firozpur. Due to which four Shatabdi trains have been cancelled. There have been reports of jamming on the Rohtak-Panipat highway as well. 

Given the farmers' agitation, barricades were erected on the Delhi Meerut Expressway since morning. It is being told that the farmers are singing and dancing on the highway, enjoying the Holi by ringing the bells. Protests of farmers are also being held in Punjab. Farmers in Punjab have blocked the railway track.

Meanwhile, the Congress party has supported the Bharat Band called by the farmers. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has tweeted in support of farmers, saying that history is a witness, Satyagraha itself ends the tyranny. The farmer's movement should be country-wide and peaceful.

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