31 Mar 2021

Heart Of Asia Declaration Adds For Development Of Afganistan

A key conference has been called in for the the upliftment of Afganistan by the heart of Asia members call for cooperation to ensure dismantling of terrorist sanctuaries.

As per reports the members decide on the upliftment of Afganistan on financial, social and science and technology front.

 The declaration of the 9th Heart of Asia Ministerial Conference reads out that we support the ongoing efforts for the peace process.

The countries also supported the continuation of the negotiations between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Further recognition was given on the comprehensive and permanent ceasefire will enable all sides to reach an agreement on political settlement.

In this regard the countries affirmed that any political settlement must protect the rights of all Afghans including women, youth and minorities.

The countries also condemned the continuing high level of violence in Afghanistan especially high number of civilian casualties.

This violence deliberately targeted the civil service employees, civil society activists and media workers by Taliban and terrorist groups as per the declaration of 9th Heart of Asia Conference adds.

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