18 Mar 2021

Manipal Campus In Udupi, Karnataka Declared Containment Zone

Latest reports have been coming in from Karnataka where do to an instant rise in the cases in covid-19 it has declared Manipal campus as a covid-19 containment zone.

As per reports coming in Deputy Commissioner and Chairperson, District Disaster Management Authority, Udupi district has declared MIT Manipal Campus as 'COVID19 Containment Zone' due to rise in positive cases.

The decision to open the colleges and schools in south India has turned as a major setback due to the rise in the covid-19 cases in the area.

This decision of government has seen a surge in covid-19 cases in the country.  As there was an instant rice of covid-19 cases in MIT Manipal campus and because of this, the government have to take the decision to turn the campus as an containment zone.

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