24 Mar 2021

West Bengal: Critical situation raises in 19 districts due to Corona virus


The situation in 19 districts is critical due to Coronavirus as assembly elections are to be held in West Bengal. The buzz of elections is so fast in the state that neither the state government nor the central government is paying attention. According to the report released, Corona Virus is raising very fast in 19 districts of West Bengal.

In West Bengal, the leaders of all political parties are campaigning vigorously for the assembly elections.  On the one hand, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee talks about the development of the state and rule in Bengal, but the areas affected by Corona and the people getting infected are also not taken care of.

Elections are to be held in eight phases in West Bengal. Voting is to be held in 30 seats on March 27, in the second phase on April 1, 30 seats will be voted. The third phase will be held on April 6, in which voting will be held in 31 seats. On April 10, voting will be held in 44 seats in the fourth phase. On April 17, voters will exercise their vote in 45 seats in the fifth phase. On April 22, voting will be held in 43 seats in the sixth phase. The seventh phase will be held on April 26, in which voters will vote on 36 seats and on April 29, the eighth and final phase will be in which voting will take place on 35 seats. The votes will be counted on 2 May.

The term of the Legislative Assembly in West Bengal is being completed on 30 May 2021, due to which the process of formation of a new government is to be completed before 30 May.

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