6 Apr 2021

Vyakti Se Bada Dal Aur Dal Se Bada Desh: PM Modi On 41st Foundation Day Of BJP

Latest reports have been coming in from prime Minister office where prime Minister Modi on BJP 41st foundation day has said that our mantra has been "Vyakti Se Bada Dal Aur Dal Se Bada Desh".

This tradition continues to this day. We have fulfilled Shyama Prasad Mukherjee's vision (of one India), scrapped Article 370 and gave Kashmir the constitutional right as per PM Narendra Modi on BJP's 41st foundation day.

Prime Minister Modi further added that if BJP wins polls, it's called 'poll wining machine', but if others win, there's appreciation. 

People who say we're a 'poll winning machine' don't understand India's Constitution. Truth is that BJP is not 'poll winning machine', but a movement that connects with people as per PM Modi.

Today false narratives are being weaved. Be it on farm laws, CAA or labour laws. Such rumours aim to create political instability. 

Sometimes they say citizenship will be snatched, sometimes it's farmers' land, but they're white lies. BJP workers need to make people aware according to PM Modi.

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