10 May 2021

Delhi Deputy CM Shows Order Letter Of Vaccines

Latest development deputy chief Minister of Delhi Manish sisodiya in a press conference has said that today BJP alleged that Delhi govt ordered only 5.50 lakh doses of vaccine. 

According to the Minister Govt. of India has decided in April that the 2 companies can sell vaccines to states directly, states were also told the same. 

We ordered 1.34 crore doses for Delhi for people above 18 yrs as per Dy CM Manish Sisodia.

Delhi Deputy CM has said that right after our order, Centre sent us a letter - vaccine companies hadn't responded by then - that Delhi can get only 92,840 doses of Covaxin and 2,67,690 doses of Covishield in May. 

BJP is lying that we ordered only 5.50 lakh doses. We had ordered 1.34 crore doses as per Delhi Deputy CM.

These letters are proof that Centre is cutting short the number of vaccines being asked by the states and selling that to foreign countries. 

In what greed were 6.50 crore vaccines supplied to foreign countries when people in our own country are dying? According to Delhi Deputy CM.

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