14 May 2021

Ghazipur Administration Request People Not To Perform Last Rites In River

As reported earlier there have been cases of burial of bodies into Ganga river in Uttar Pradesh by some villages as they were unable to to perform the last rites of the the relatives who have passed away due to covid.

In view of of the burial in Ganga river today a Police official in Ghazipur makes announcement  and requested the villagers Please do not perform water burial of bodies into Ganga river, but cremate them. 

The police official also informed that if any person is unable to bear expenses of cremation, please inform us. We will make arrangements.

According to reports Ghazipur administration has capped price of firewood at Rs 650/quintal and 'dom raja' would not take more than Rs 500 for cremating a body. 

We're setting up a control room at each crematorium where police personnel & lekhpal would be stationed as per Ghazipur DM MP Singh 

If any person is unable to bear expenses of cremation (of the body of their relative/family member) and goes to any crematorium, we will provide them with Rs 5000 immediately and bear all expenses of cremation as per reports from Ghazipur DM MP Singh in ANI.

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