26 May 2021

MeitY Clears Whatsapp Stand On Privacy Of Data

Latest reports have been coming in from Ministry of Electronics and IT which stated that Government of India respects the Right of Privacy and has no intention to violate it.

As per reports coming in from the Ministry of Electronics and IT when WhatsApp is required to disclose the origin of a particular message.

Such requirements are only in case when a particular message is required for prevention, investigation or punishment of serious offences such as sexually explicit content as per Ministry of Electronics and IT

At one end, WhatsApp seeks to mandate a privacy policy wherein it will share data of all its user with its parent company, Facebook. 

On other hand, WhatsApp makes every effort to refuse enactment of Intermediary Guidelines necessary to uphold law and order and curb fake news according to MeitY.

Any operations being run in India are subject to the law of the land. WhatsApp’s refusal to comply with the guidelines is a clear act of defiance of a measure whose intent can certainly not be doubted as per statement issued by MeitY.

As a significant social media intermediary, WhatsApp seeks safe harbour protection as per provisions of the IT Act. 

However, in a befuddling act, they seek to avoid responsibility and refuse to enact the very steps which permit them a safe harbour provision according to MeitY.

WhatsApp’s attempt to portray Intermediary Guidelines of India as contrary to Right to privacy is misguided. 

Contrarily in India, privacy is a fundamental right subject to reasonable restrictions. Rule 4(2) (to trace first originator) is example of such a restriction as per statement given by MeitY to ANI.


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