25 Jun 2021

Delhi Government Exaggerated Their Oxygen Requirement By Four Times

Latest reports have been coming in from the highest authority of law in India Supreme Court which have stated in the oxygen audit of Delhi Government.

The SC has said that the oxygen audit team has submitted its report before SC and has stated that the Delhi government exaggerated its oxygen requirement by four times during the peak of the second wave of COVID crisis.

According to sources Delhi government exaggerated the oxygen requirement for the city by more than four times between April 25 and May 10. 

However it is known that supply of excess oxygen to Delhi could have triggered a crisis in its supply to 12 high caseload states as per the reports confirmed.

According to the Supreme Court four hospitals-Singhal Hospital, Aruna Asif Ali Hospital, ESIC Model Hospital and Liferay Hospital had claimed in their initial reports that extremely high oxygen consumption with few beds and had claimed that it appeared to be erroneous.

This could have led to extremely skewed information and significantly higher oxygen requirement as per the stated report.

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