22 Jun 2021

Goa May Open Only After Vaccination Done To Masses

Latest reports have been coming in from Goa where most of the tourism has been closed due to covid-19 in the state.  Goa is a state where most of the revenue comes from tourism.

According to Goa Chief Minister most tourism activities are closed (in state). We can think of restarting it only after first dose of vaccine has been administered to everyone, that means only after 30th July. 

According to the CM third wave is being spoken about, we can decide accordingly. At present, we can't predict.

Govt has made all preparations for 3rd wave, we have appointed an experts committee of doctors as per sources coming in from CM of Goa.

Based on their suggestions the state government started everything regarding infrastructure, equipment and manpower training. 

Task Force, under my chairmanship, is giving approval for everything according to Goa CM.

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