1 Jun 2021

Russia Committed To Help India

Latest reports having coming in from BRICS summit where Russian foreign minister has said that today, we have sent another shipment of Sputnik V vaccine to India.

As per reports as a follow up to massive steps the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov while speaking to ANI has said that Russia will provide assistance to India.

There is no change in the S-400 contract. The Indian leadership reaffirms its commitments to these agreements.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to ANI on being asked when India will get S-400 air defence missile system has siad that there is no change in contract.

Russia is committed to helping our indian friends in fighting this dangerous virus (covid19) as per Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov 

He further added that there is no dispute among BRICS members. All BRICS member States stressed the need to strengthen the multilateral system, not in a narrow format.

But exclusively in the universal format based on the UN Charter as per Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to ANI.

Ministers reiterated commitment to multilateralism by upholding international law, including purposes and principles enshrined in UN Charter and to the central role of UN in international system in which sovereign states cooperate to maintain peace and security as per BRICS Joint Statement.

They reaffirmed principles of non-intervention in internal affairs of States, resolution of intl disputes by peaceful means.

In conformity with principles of justice, international law and inadmissibility of threat and use of force against territorial integrity in BRICS Joint Statement.

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