14 Jul 2021

Penpa Tsering, Prez, Tibetan Govt. Appreciates PM Modi To Wish Dalai Lama On His Birthday

Latest reports have been coming in from Tibet where Penpa Tsering, Prez while speaking to ANI has said that from 2002-2010, there have been 8 rounds of dialogue and an informal talk. 

According to the leader official channels of communication are not available right now. There are unofficial channels through private office or me.

Penpa Tsering, Prez, Tibetan government-in-exile was saying this while he was on dialogue with China? 

So let's see how that (dialogue) needs to be pursued because the interview that I'm giving you is also a means for them to understand what we feel.

He also added that how we wish to take it forward. So similarly the Chinese govt also will have to make their intentions clear.

Govt of India and the people of India have been very kind to us. We're very happy that Prime Minister did that (make a public announcement). 

Penpa Tsering, Prez, Tibetan government-in-exile on PM Modi's call to Dalai Lama on his birthday has appreciated the move of PM Modi and said that this is quite encouraging for us.

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