2 Aug 2021

Conflicts Between Nations Increased During Covid Times: India to United Nations TS tirumurti

Latest reports have been coming in from ambassador of India to United Nations TS tirumurti who has in an interview with ANI has said that we have never failed to highlight manifestations of terrorist activities across the world,especially now,for example,in Africa where it's increasing. 

We hope to discuss Secy Gen's report on ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq&Levant) and keep spotlight on this matter according to Ambassador of India to UN. 

He futher added that there are 3 major areas on which we'll focus in Aug - maritime security, peacekeeping & counter-terrorism. 

We will focus on these through 3 signature events during our presidency. Maritime security has received a very high priority in our foreign policy.

Conflicts have increased in COVID times, putting considerable pressure on UN Peacekeepers and resources. 

In this scenario, India's priority in UN, particularly in UNSC, has a very clear focus on issues that are directly relevant to international community.

For example international terrorism, peacekeeping, enhancing international peace and security, sensitivity to developing country issues especially Africa and small states, reformed multilateralism and furthering the agenda of women and human-centric development: TS Tirumurti.

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