4 Aug 2021

Congress Leader Consoled Family Of Minor Girl Who Was Allegedly Raped And Murdered In Delhi

Latest reports having coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi meets the family of the minor girl who was allegedly raped and then murdered.

As per sources the minor girl was allegedly raped, murder and then cremated without her parents consent in Old Nangal crematorium recently. 

The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi spoke with the family and consoled them whose minor girl was allegedly raped and murdered in Old Nangal area recently.

While speaking with the press the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that, I spoke with the family, they want justice and nothing else. 

They are saying that justice is not being given to them and they should be helped. We will do that. I have said that I am standing with them. 

Rahul Gandhi is standing with them until they get justice according to Rahul Gandhi. 

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