19 Aug 2021

Indian investment in Afghanistan Reflects India's Relations With Afghanistan

Latest reports have been coming in from External Affairs Ministry which have stated that External Affairs Minister Dr S jayasankar at UNSC meeting has said that at the moment, we are, like everybody else, very carefully following developments in Afghanistan. 

Our focus is on ensuring security in Afghanistan and the safe return of Indian nationals: EAM S Jaishankar at UNSC on being asked 'how will India deal with Taliban?'

For us, it (Indian investment in Afghanistan) reflected what was our historical relationship with Afghan people. 

That relation with Afghan people obviously continues. That will guide our approach to Afghanistan in the coming days according to EAM S Jaishankar at UNSC in New York.

At this point of time, we're looking at what is the situation in Kabul. Obviously, Taliban and its representatives have come to Kabul. 

So we need to take it on from there according to EAM S Jaishankar on being asked 'had India has any communication with Taliban in recent days.' 

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