3 Aug 2021

Karnataka Mekedatu Is Crucial Project: Karnataka Former Deputy CM

Latest reports have been coming in from Karnataka where Karnataka former deputy CM while speaking to ANI has said that Karnataka| Mekedatu is a crucial project. 

Current government is committed to executing the project. We're going for complete utilization of water allocated to state of Karnataka. 

Monitoring and abidement of sharing are happening. Where's the confusion? according to Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, former Dy CM.

According to the reports coming in from Karnataka where e Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, former Deputy CM need to stop politics and be progressive. 

The law of the land has taken its own course and taking things into our hands is not advisable. Our previous CM wanted to take Stalin into confidence but he did not respond.

This was shared by Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, former Deputy CM.

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