3 Aug 2021

Transition In Afganist Sharpened Terrorism: EAM Jaishankar In BRICS Inaugural Session

Latest reports have been coming in from BRICS inaugural session where Union Minister of external affairs Shankar has said that transition in Afghanistan that we are seeing today and warfare that's being forced upon its people, have sharpened challenge of terrorism. 

According to sources EAM S Jaishankar at BRICS' inaugural session has added that Left unattended, its edge will be deeply felt not just in Afghanistan neighbourhoods but beyond.

Legitimacy in the present day cannot be derived from mass brutality or covert agendas. Representation peace and stability are inextricably linked as per EAM S Jaishankar.

Pandemic has rudely reminded us that institutions built to tackle problems of the 1940s desperately need to be upgraded. 

Expansion of permanent membership of the Security Council (UNSC) is a necessary ingredient., but not sufficient. More action required to fill the gaps as per EAM.

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