4 Sept 2021

Bihar Farmers Taught To Grow Mushrooms To Increase Their Income

Latest reports have been coming in from Bihar where a new technique is being taught to farmers to help and regulate their income and increase their sources of income generation.

These new reports are from Gaya Bihar where the farmers are been taught to grow mushrooms to increase their income.

Rakesh Singh from Gaya, Bihar while speaking to ANI has said that they grow mushrooms using wheat straw and AC temperature. 

He has further added that to help farmers earn a regular income, I set up this unit. We grow mushrooms using available raw materials like straw. 

Since it's a winter vegetable, we use AC temp to balance it he has further stated.

According to him the idea was to make in-house mushrooms and employ farmers, who don't earn on a regular basis. 

With this unit, I am able to help them earn sustainably. Demand for our mushrooms is high, sometimes, more than the produce.

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