3 Sept 2021

Festival Pola Preparations Going On In Full Swing In Maharashtra

Latest report having coming in from Maharashtra wear head of Pola festival to bull artisans are busy in making these idols 

As per reports coming in from Maharashtra where ahead of 'Pola', a festival to thank bulls, oxen, sale of their wooden prototypes picks up. 

Artisan Wasim Khan while he was speaking to ANI has said that we make customizable bulls too. From 8,12 inches to 2.5 feet all types of 'Nandis' available. 

The price of these bulls starts at Rs 1500 and the maximum price varies to Rs 35,000.

The price range is reasonable, in fact, less than what it used to be in the pre-COVID days. 

Demand is always high for this wooden lookalike, and we cater to the customers as per specifications. 

From colours, size to designs, everything is carefully done as said by the artisian Wasim Khan.

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