23 Sept 2021

Reenat Sandhu Secretary MEA Speaks At Community Of Democracies 10th Ministerial Conference

Latest reports have been coming in from Ministry of External Affairs where Secy(W), MEA at Community of Democracies 10th Ministerial Conference Reenat Sandhu has said that we have made our fight against COVID a genuine peoples’ movement, forged by democratic principles, discipline and decisive leadership. 

The Secretary further reiterated that focus has been on welfare of most vulnerable and an inclusive, human-centric vision. 

The Secretary(W), Reenat Sandhu shared the details at MEA at Community of Democracies 10th Ministerial Conference.

The Secretary further added that it's the same approach we adopted beyond borders,as we continue to extend helping hand to our partners. 

We supplied medicines and medical supplies to over 150 partner nations and are playing our part in global efforts to develop and produce vaccines and to address vaccine inequity.

She has further stated that terrorism is existential threat to democracy. Those who practice and harbour terror can't respect democratic values or institutions. 

Pluralism, diversity, human rights & freedoms are alien values to those who preach terror and radicalisation as per Reenat Sandhu, Secretary (W), MEA.

Over the past month we have witnessed dramatic changes in Afghanistan. There has been a transition of power without negotiation and in a non-inclusive manner.

This has raised questions on its acceptability according to Reenat Sandhu, Secretary (W), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

It is important that the new government in Afghanistan is broad-based and inclusive, representing all sections of Afghan society, including women and minorities.

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