15 Sept 2021

Rise In The Drngue Cases Reported In The Country

Recent reports coming in from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which has stated that the dengue cases reported in the country are on the rise which needs to be tackled as soon as possible.

Right now is most of the cases coming in from Karnataka Uttarakhand Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh which has stated the rise of dengue cases in the states.

However no deaths have been reported so far from Dengue disease.

97 cases of dengue have been reported in Prayagraj, out of which 9 patients are admitted to hospitals. No death has been reported due to dengue this year so far. 

The cases are likely to increase in the city. Our preventive efforts are focused there according to CMO Nanak Saran while speaking to ANI.

OPD of Ursala Hospital is receiving 75-100 patients of fever daily. 2 patients had tested positive for dengue in rapid test.

However the same was not confirmed in ELISA test. Effectively, there is no case of dengue in the hospital in Kanpur.

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