29 Oct 2021

Army Chief Welcomes Girls Cadets In The Team In Pune

Latest reports have been coming in from Maharashtra where passing out parade of NDA Cadets is in process.

According to the reports Army Chief has said that as we go ahead, we shall be inducting women cadets into NDA (in Pune) and I'm sure they'll perform as well as the men cadets. 

It's just the 1st step towards gender equality and Army has always been at forefront of all such initiatives that have taken place in the country according to Army Chief.

He has further added that as a result, they'll also get empowered to hold more challenging assignments in Indian armed forces. 

It's not that we don't have women officers already undergoing training. We have women cadets at Officers Training Academy, Chennai where they're doing exceedingly well.

NDA was always most premier institution of Indian armed forces but over the yrs as we've grown and matured, curriculum changed,training methodologies changed,we've become even more well trained and better equipped to meet whatever challenges they might be in future.

Army Chief Gen MM Naravane at passing out Parade of 141st Course of NDA in Pune has said that as we open gates of NDA for women cadets, I expect you all to welcome them with the same sense of fair play and professionalism as Indian armed forces are known for the world over.

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