12 Oct 2021

No Coal Crisis In Jharkhand

Latest reports have been coming in from PM Prasad, CMD, Central Coalfields Ltd, Ranchi, Jharkhand has said that there is no such crisis. 

Coal stocks are at a low level because of high power generation this year. From Coal India, we supplied at least 53 mn tonnes, more than last year in the 1st half of financial year which is almost 20% growth.

With respect to Jharkhand, both CCL and BCCL have seen more than 20% dispatches' growth. We have diluted our stocks too.

about 6.5 million tonnes in CCL and about 2.4 million tonnes in BCCL: PM Prasad, CMD, Central Coalfields Ltd, Ranchi, Jharkhand

I'm very confident that in next 1 week it'll stabilise and from 17th Oct it'll further pick up. In last 3-4 days, power plants are getting coal. 

If their requirement is 1.6 mn tonnes, almost 1.5 mn tonnes being met. I'm confident that in coming 1-2 weeks, it'll stabilise according to PM Prasad.

The Coal India stock will last for at least 20 days, in the case of CCL it is 1.95 million tonnes and in the case of BCCL it is 6.5 lakh tonnes. 

PM Prasad, is the CMD, Central Coalfields Ltd, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

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