9 Oct 2021

Unique Theme Of Durga Puja Pandal In West Bengal "Bhagar Maa"

Latest reports have been coming in from ANI which has reported that in West Bengal, South Kolkata's Barisha Club has come up with a unique theme 'Bhager Maa' (Division of Mother).

Latest reports have been coming in this club has come up with an interesting theme of Bhagar Maa which has been focussing around the subject of National Register of Citizens and the hardships of the migrants for this year's Durga Puja pandal. 

According to reports coming in from Kolkata where this Pandal is separated into 2 parts-left side depicts Bangladesh border.  And the right side shows the Indian border.

As per reports in between both the borders a huge cage-like structure is placed showing a woman carrying an idol of goddess Durga along with her children.

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